California Creamin’: Marin County’s Odd Frozen Treats

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128  320x240 ice cream cone California Creamin: Marin Countys Odd Frozen Treats Greetings!

With Marin County being our home away from home, we have certainly been able to enjoy the many food establishments within the vicinity. Marin hosts a plethora of many tastes and unique eateries. One thing we have noticed since we have been out here, there is certainly no shortage of frozen items.  From the classic gelato to the more off-the-wall flavor combinations, Marin is the place to find some great frozen treats. Here’s a top three of some of our personal favorites:

126  320x240 fairfax scoop 1 California Creamin: Marin Countys Odd Frozen Treats 1) Fairfax Scoop- Sometimes food concoctions don’t work out. The flavors don’t mix, or there’s an ingredient that’s a little too robust to gel with the rest of the recipe. Fairfax Scoop does not have this problem. Their signature ice cream is the vanilla honey lavender in a cone and it is to die for. Just the right amount of lavender gives this ice cream an unexpected twist. Whoever said vanilla was boring has not tried this ice cream. We recommend trying it with a little bit of chocolate. For anyone roaming around Fairfax, look for the quaint little shop with the painting on the side of the entrance; a lovely location for anyone who wants to bum around downtown Fairfax.

2) Noci- Located in the heart of Mill Valley, this gelato shop offers a wide variety of tastes with a great ambiance. Walking in, the restaraunt is extremely chic and modern, which can, at times, be a cover-up for places that don’t have good food; this does not hold true with Noci. They have a fantastic selection of sorbet flavors, rotating throughout the year with seasonal fruits. In addition, they also have some unique mixes, including salted chocolate, basil, and Tahitian vanilla. This is one of the many wonderful eateries Mill Valley has to offer.

129  320x240 olive oil California Creamin: Marin Countys Odd Frozen Treats 3) Pizzeria Picco- Vanilla soft serve topped with extra-virgin olive oil and sea salt. Yes, you read that correctly. Pizzeria Picco swears by this ice cream. We were initially turned off from the sound of vanilla and olive oil, but we decided to be daring. We knew all the locals swore by it, so it probably wasn’t all bad, right? Our waitress brought out our soft serve (in our post-pizza devouring stupor) and seemed rather confident we would like our dessert. Sure enough, we did. Although we wouldn’t eat it every day, it’s a unique taste that we will gladly try again. We never thought vanilla and olive would go well together, but we were certainly proved wrong.

With these top three, we would like to point out that we have a frozen treat eating mission: Scream Sorbet. Although NOT located in Marin County, we are extremely intrigued by the list of flavors Scream produces. Cranberry apple cider, lime jasmine, peanut sesame, and saffron almond are only a few Oakland’s finest offers to its devout patrons. We sense a gelato coma in our horizon!

On a Sugary High,


127  320x240 fairfax scoop California Creamin: Marin Countys Odd Frozen Treats
pixel California Creamin: Marin Countys Odd Frozen Treats
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